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Dear Yuletide Writer 2016

Dear Yuletide Writer,

First and foremost, thank you for being here! I'm super excited to read a story about one of these fandoms and really, really hope that you enjoy writing for me!

Some of the things I enjoy reading about include: Found families, (enemies)-to-friends-to-lovers, mutual pining, dystopian universes, non-linear storytelling, bittersweet stories, character's working through feelings, UST, UST that gets resolved. I enjoy reading stories with or without sex in, so am happy to receive any rating! 

And here are the things that I don't want to receive in fic: Dub or non-con, graphic descriptions of violence/horror, mpreg, character humiliation, non-canon character death.

Below are some details about the three fandoms I have requested, why I enjoy them and a couple of prompt-type things. Please feel free to take as much or as little from the below information as you would like!

Winner (Band)

Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon

I really love the friendship between these two. They seem to have a lovely, easy, friendship and, as the eldest members, support each other really nicely. The way that Jinwoo looks at Seunghoon with so much adoration and Seunghoon's endless compliments for Jinwoo on social media make me very happy.

I love the jaded idols AU set up in the Baby Baby music video and the tiny snippet of interaction with these two where Seunghoon approaches Jinwoo at the bar. If you're familiar with the MV and would like to write something about these two that is set in that world I would love to know what their story is.

Other AUs and tropes I'd love to see for them would include any type of fake dating fic, travel between dimensions, reincarnation fic... to name a few, but I'm here for absolutely anything you want to write.

(I also love canon fic for RPF fandoms, so it certainly doesn't have to be an AU set fic either!)

닥치고 꽃미남 밴드 | Shut Up Flower Boy Band  
Joo Byung Hee, Kwon Ji Hyuk


I really love this show and, whilst we only got to watch the interaction between these two characters in the first couple of episodes, it was enough to leave me a) with lots of feelings for them and their dynamic and b) wanting to know more. And that hasn't changed in the four years since it aired!!

I'd love to read about these two growing up together. At what point did they come to realise that they were happier in each other's company than with any of their biological family? When did the rooftop house become a place for the group (& for Byung Hee especially) to escape to? Was there a point that it became more natural for him to be there than not?

Whilst I would love to read ship-fic for them, close-friendship fic (or maybe something that blurs the lines between the two), would also be wonderful. And if you'd like to include other characters from the show (romantically or not) that's fine with me also, so long as the focus of the fic is on these two!

Everything I Never Told You - Celeste Ng
Nathan Lee, Jack Wolff


This is probably my favourite of the novels that I have read this year and whilst all of the characters are so, so interesting and complicated, the questions and misunderstandings that still exist between these two at the end of the novel left me wondering about them and where their story might lead the most.

Ng writes at the end of the story that sometime in the future Nate notices the scar on Jack's nose and "wants to trace it, gently, with his finger." Does Nate develop/ realise romantic feelings towards Jack? And what does this lead to? Do they ever have a relationship? Could it work if they tried to?

If you'd like to write something melancholy or angsty for this fandom I'm all for it, but equally, if you want to give these boys a happy ending that is something I would love to read.

If you'd rather write about pre/during the events of the novel, I would love to know more from Jack's perspective in regards to how his feelings for Nate developed and how he dealt with them!

Thank you for reading my letter & have a wonderful yuletide!