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If we have matched on one of these four fandoms, I already think you're fantastic, so please do not feel the need to use any of my suggestions/prompts in your work; just write whatever you're inspired by and I am sure to love it.

Some of the things I like to read: character studies, non-linear stories, bittersweet or melancholy stories, UST (whether it ends up resolved or not), enemies-to-lovers, found families, bed sharing & cuddling, dystopian universes, minor characters being fleshed out, morally ambiguous characters, poly relationships.

Things I don't want to read: Dub or non-con, mpreg, character humiliation, extremely vivid descriptions of horror/death.


I have requested three music video fandoms and one song and have asked for fic for all. Please find some info about why I like these fandoms & a few things I would like to read about below:

Baby Baby - Winner (Music Video)



Requested fic

I love this video. It's beautifully shot & I love the kind of canon-divergent setting, where the members of Winner play alternative versions of themselves (or maybe, their future selves). I love the melancholy atmosphere of the video and the angsty, jaded-celebrity theme running through it, especially the scenes of Seungyoon, Seunghoon & Jinwoo's characters in the bar/nightclub.

I'd love to know more about any of the main characters in the video. Here are some questions that linger when I watch it:

What is Taehyun thinking when he is travelling in the car at the start of the video - is getting on the plane at the end an impulsive decision or has he been planning it? Who is the woman that Mino is waiting to come over & why isn't he out with her? Why is Jinwoo drinking alone and, related to this, why is it only Seunghoon & Seungyoon that seem to socialise with each other, even though Jinwoo is clearly in the bar with them?

Please feel free to write about any of the characters or a combination of them - or write about the world of the video as a whole! I would just love to read about this world.

걸어 | All in - Monsta X (Music Video)



Requested fic

I love the universe that is set up in this video - the dystopian setting, the fantasy elements and the mystery of the blue flowers.

I am intrigued by the contradiction between how happy the group seem during the cult-like ritual scenes compared to the bleak world we see in which Hyungwon's character is being physically abused by his father and Shownu and Jooheon have turned to robbery to try to save the people they love from a mystery sickness. And then there is the battle scenes where the characters are dressed head to toe in white, armed with weapons, which feels different again.

Of course, at the end of the video, we are left with even more questions because of the appearance of the giant pulsating purple orb in the sky! What is the purple orb?

I am intrigued by the story of every character in this video, so please feel free to write about any of them. I love the relationship depicted between Hyungwon and Minhyuk; how much it clearly hurts and angers Minhyuk to see Hyungwon in pain, and the bathtub scene near the end is heartbreaking to watch. I would love to read more about their relationship (however you read it - romantic, platonic, whatever), but if you'd rather write about other characters then go for it - I'd love to read anything about this world!

Skydive - B.A.P (Music video)


Requested fic

So the Skydive video is pretty much a short movie in the form of a music video and it's a twisty, violent affair, full of dramatic shoot-outs and angst.

I love the theme of loyalty and betrayal that runs through the video as Daehyun's character starts to doubt the genuine intentions of each of the other members of their gang and becomes more and more desperate to figure things out. The reveal of Jongup's character as the kidnapper/killer at the end is so chilling - especially the way that he kills Daehyun.

I would love to know more about Jongup's motivations. He seems to have an issue with Himchan's leadership of the gang and is clearly a loose canon, but setting up such an elaborate plan to turn Daehyun on Himchan can't have been easy. Tell me more about him, his motivations and his thoughts as he is watching his plan play out! Does he have any moments of regret? Does he really consider these people his friends at all? And at the end - is he happy?

Similarly, I am intrigued about the other characters. How betrayed does Himchan feel by Daehyun's lack of trust in him? He clearly clashes with Jongup - does he have any inclination that Jongup might be plotting to turn other members against him? What about the other members who are less integral to the storyline watching the interactions between Daehyun, Himchan and Jongup? Are any of them more perceptive about what is unfolding?

If you want to write something shippy, I'm happy to read any pairings of characters from the video (or threesomes+). And I am not at all opposed to (read: all for) a reading of the scene in the middle of the video where Jongup and Himchan's characters square up to each other pretty intensely as sexual-tension.

Alternatively, I would also love to know more about the poker game the group are playing at the beginning & end of the video.

I Am Not A Robot - Marina and the Diamonds (Song)

Requested fic

Tell me about the person in this song. Maybe the narrator is talking to themselves, maybe it's to someone else, but who are they? What are they going through and what emotions are they keeping locked up? Tell me what the weak spot they're trying so hard to hide is, and what do they worry will happen if it's out in the open?

I am especially intrigued by these lyrics:

You've been hanging with the unloved kids

Who you never really liked and you never trusted

But you are so magnetic, you pick up all the pins

Who have they been hanging out with, and why are they associating with people they neither like nor trust? The character here could really be anyone and I would love to know more about their story!


Thank you for reading my letter - I really hope that you enjoy writing for me!

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