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Dear Yuletide Writer,

First and foremost, thank you so much for writing for me! I really hope that you enjoy writing a story for one of my three favourite small fandoms.

Some general fic likes:
Found families, (enemies)-to-friends-to-lovers, mutual pining, dystopian universes, character studies, non-linear storytelling, bittersweet or melancholy stories, UST (& eventually resolved UST), developing relationships, bed-sharing, poly relationships, hurt/comfort, missing scenes, porn with feelings.

My DNWs: Dub/non-con, graphic descriptions of violence/horror, mpreg, character humiliation, bodily fluids, character bashing.

Here are the three fandoms I’m requesting, a little bit about why I love them and my requested characters, plus a few prompts if you would like any!

닥치고 꽃미남 밴드 | Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Joo Byung Hee, Kwon Ji Hyuk

SU!FBB is one of my all time favourite dramas and I would love fic for it. I know that we only got to watch the interaction between these two characters in the first couple of episodes but it was more than enough to leave me with tons of feelings for them, individually and as best friends. Byunghee is a bit of a loose canon, and he seems to get the group into a lot of potential trouble, but they still see him as the glue that binds the group together nonetheless, which intrigues me.

- I'd love to read about these two growing up together. At what point did they come to realise that they were happier in each other's company than with any of their biological family? When did the rooftop house become a place for the group (& for Byung Hee especially) to escape to? Was there a point that it became more natural for him to be there than not? Myungsoo jokingly says that Jihyuk “cheated” on him with Byunghee, because they were best friends first when they were younger. What exactly was it that saw these two become so close?

- I’d also love Fix-it fic where Byunghee survives past episode 2 - maybe Jihyuk finds Byunghee before he crosses the street, or maybe Byunghee never goes to meet those guys at all. Or maybe the accident still happens, but Byunghee survives. Either way - I would love to read about Byunghee finishing high school & going on to be the rock god he always dreamed of being, with his best friends in tow.


- Don't be afraid to make me cry - I love sad/ angsty stories, so if you want to write something focusing on Jihyuk mourning Byunghee (and subsequently moving on or not), I would love that also.


- But equally, if you want to write about teenage boys crushing on each other or fooling around out of boredom whilst harbouring Actual Feelings I am SO here for it.


Whilst I would love to read ship-fic for them, close-friendship fic (or maybe something that blurs the lines between the two), would also be wonderful. And if you'd like to include any other characters from the show that's fine with me, so long as the focus of the fic is on the relationship between these two!


君の名は。| Kimi no Na wa. | Your Name

Miyamizu Mitsuha, Okudera Miki


This is one of my favourite movies of the past year. The animation was gorgeous and I definitely cried more than once watching. I love the theme of fate and destiny and the way that the two main characters learn more about themselves by having to put up with being each other. Whilst I loved the relationship between Taki & Mitsuha, I was also super intrigued by the character of Okudera Miki and her relationship with Mitsuha. Mitsuha's developing feelings for Miki, which led to her being genuinely excited at the prospect of being in Taki's body for their date, and Miki's curiosity about the different ways Taki would act around her when Mitsuha was in Taki's body (and the fact she liked Taki more when Mitsuha had been inhabiting him) gave me all of the shippy feelings, and I'd have love to have seen their relationship developed more.


With that in mind, I have requested these two characters because I would really like to read more about them interacting together. Mitsuha seems to start out interacting with Miki for Taki's sake, only, but she clearly develops her own feelings for Miki pretty quickly. When Mitsuha doesn't get to go on the date with Miki she seems genuinely disappointed - she wanted to date Miki & I was so sad for her when she woke up in her own body!


- I'd love to read something about Mitsuha and Miki meeting post canon. Mitsuha seems to have moved to Tokyo by the time-skip at the end of the movie. Maybe fate makes sure her and Miki keep meeting each other? Write me flirting, write me slowly falling in love while trying to figure out why they feel like they already know each other... Basically, write whatever you want about these two post-canon & I'll love it!


- I would also love to read about Mitsuha's developing feelings for Miki during the story- she keeps notes for Taki in his phone, but does she keep her own diary about her time with Miki Is she ever tempted to tell Miki the truth about who she is? Give me pining and self discovery and the excitement of falling in love!


- Or write me an AU in which Miki finds out the truth about the body swapping - when she goes with Taki & Okudera to find Mitsuha, maybe she is as desperate as he is to find her too. Do either of the boys realise, or does she keep it to herself? Does she feel guilty because Taki doesn’t know Mitsuha has shared this with her? Do they talk about it? Any canon divergence where Miki knows more than we realise would be great!


- While I haven't requested Taki, I do love his character & his relationship with Mitsuha also, so if you would prefer to write Miki/Mitsuha/Taki or Mitsuha/Miki + Mitsuha/Taki I am totally up for that too. Post-canon poly negotiations, maybe?! Feel free to write about any of the other requested characters too - I love everyone nominated! But, basically, anything that gives me more of these two interacting would be perfect!!


Triple H (Korea Band)

Kim Hyojong | E'Dawn, Kim Hyuna, Lee Hwitaek | Hui

(watch 365 Fresh music video here) (watch the Making Of film here)

I loved this sub-unit's debut this year! Hyuna seemed to have tons of fun promoting with the boys; constantly updating SNS with them and talking about their chemistry. The 365 Fresh music video plays out like a four and a half minute movie, complete with sex, drugs, murder and some clear driving under the influence, which ends with the trio jumping (to their death?) from a parking lot wall as the police chase them, which is totally over the top and dramatic and scandalous. So, I loved it.

I'd love to read something set in 365 Fresh video!verse, but if you'd prefer to write RPF about them I'm totally here for that too! I have linked the MV and the Making Of film (which has English subs) above. I requested all three of the group, but if you would prefer to focus more on one or two members that's fine with me, so long as everyone is featured!

- The video shows Hyuna & Hyojong's characters are sleeping together (so if you want to write more of that, I'm all for it). But what about Hwitaek's character? Maybe he's pining for one of them or both of them. Or maybe he is with them too - maybe you want to write messed up, co-dependant OT3 who are only alive for each other? Write me love disguised as sex and all the complicated feelings that go with never feeling able to really trust anyone!

- Or what about an alternate happy ending where the three of them evade the cops and run off to live a happy life together somewhere quiet? Or continue on an epic road trip with the cops off their back? Give them some joy!

- Tell me about Hyuna's character. What is her backstory? And what makes her get into the car with a stranger when Hwitaek picks her up? I'd love to read her viewpoint on the events of the video. Does she develop genuine feelings for Hyojong's character? Does she have her own secret motives to survive and does she get to have some moments of true happiness while they're on the run? (Or tell me Hyojong or Hwitaek’s characters stories instead!)

- If you would like to write RPF I'm up for any pairing combinations of the three (or all 3 of them)! They all get along really well and have tons of chemistry, so I would love to read something about them during the time promoting with the unit, or maybe reuniting for another comeback and realising how much they missed spending time alone just the three of them.

- If you'd like to write AU fic, I'd love to read something about these three as spies/secret agents, vampires or about them surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, but I'm open to anything at all!

Happy Yuletide!


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